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Website Design

Professional Content

Branded For You

Email Marketing Tool

Social Media Updates

Monthly Email Newsletter

Weekly Syndicated Content

Live Analytics

Mobile Site

Secure SSL Included

Local Directory Listing Service

Video Tech Tips

Vertical Axion Packages Include

Website Design

Vertical Axion’s website design services ensure that anyone coming to your site is impressed with your professional, sleek design and an exceptional ease of use – and this feature is included in every single one of our packages.

Professional Content

The content that our copywriters bring to your website will be attention grabbing and will encourage your clients to interact with you. It will appeal to just about anyone who would be in the market of your services.

Branded for You

If you don’t like a certain color, or if you love another, then you’ll enjoy our Branded for You services. Not only do you pick your own website layout and design, Vertical Axion will make sure the intensity and tint of your choice in coloration are just right. We’ll also customize your website with your personal high quality logo.

Communicate with Your Clients

Not only do Vertical Axion’s services include a monthly newsletter that can help bring customers to your virtual door, but we’ll also do daily social media updates and weekly syndicated content to help build positive relationships with your clients.

Engaging Content

When you want your website to stand out among the rest in more ways than one, Vertical Axion offers weekly content for your blogs. Having a continuous stream of content helps to keep your users engaged and drives traffic directly to your site. Every article is written and edited for smoothness and flow of writing so you don’t ever have to worry about looking unprofessional because someone made a mistake.