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The ONLY Way to Run Your Business

A lot of these tips come from Anything You Want, a new book by Derek Sivers, but they’re simply too good not to take a second look at. Think about […]

Are You Making Your Website Visible to Search Engines?

Or are you making them fly blind? Imagine the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen. It has colors, depth, and your favorite animal with big button eyes and a beautiful background. […]

What, Why – and How?

There’s a ton of advice out there that suggests strategies to small businesses. There’s even a lot of that advice in this very blog. A lot of this advice tells […]

Twitter Tips from the Presidential Candidates

With the political debates underway, the Obama and Romney campaigns are looking for new, “hip” ways to reach out to audiences. Both have chosen to use Twitter – and both […]

If You’re Naked, Will Your Employees Tell You?

Don’t get us wrong: respect is a wonderful thing. It’s a nice thing to know that your employees are in your corner when it gets down to the wire. But […]

Catch People Doing Good, Don’t Just Call Them Out for Making Mistakes

It’s simple: leaders who are the kings and queens of finding faults in their employees encourage a company culture of bloodless execution. However, the leaders that celebrate even the smallest […]

Failure Can Sometimes Lead to Success

It’s okay, you can admit it: not every single one of your ideas turns into a brilliant success. In fact, some of us have failed time after time, and we […]

Smile! It Makes a Difference

Did you know that the majority of customers are more inclined to buy something from you if you just smile? That’s it – that’s all it takes. A simple smile […]

But My Business is Not Like That One!

You’re looking for advice that applies to your business, and you’re finding a lot of general advice instead. There’s a lot of it, and some of it conflicts, and it […]

Can You Hear Me? How to Get People to Care About What You’re Saying

You may be an avid speaker with an organized, eloquent speech, but that doesn’t mean that you’re really connecting with your audience. Have you ever started your talk and realized […]