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Work with Anticipation Instead of Anxiety

Anxiety is often experiencing a failure in advance. We can see how anticipation, experiencing a success before it happens, is the opposite. Anticipation is an excellent motivational tool. Let’s say […]

Ask Yourself These Four Questions to Welcome 2013

Planning, planning, planning. You may not like it, but it’s a necessary part of running a successful business. With November rolling off into the distance, it’s time to start planning […]

Learn to Let Go to Find True Success

What do you think about when you think about success? I know what I think about. I think about big houses, backyards, a Lexus, and tons of cash to blow […]

Mistakes are Just Short Moments in Time

Have you ever seen a Navajo rug? When they’re authentic, you will find many mistakes. But why, you ask? Why would such a beautiful rug be allowed to harbor so […]

The Key to Making Your Personal Productivity Skyrocket

We’ve heard it the question before, and we may have even had to consider it ourselves: “How do I get started making change that lasts?” The fact is that change […]

You Don’t Convince; You Persuade

As entrepreneurs, we see that word a lot: “convince your target audience that you’re the best one for them.” “Convince the client that they can trust you.” But do we […]

Is It Love, or is It Just a Crush?

Having a few extra “likes” on Facebook in the morning is something nice to wake up to, but in the long run, it’s not very meaningful. It’s good to have […]

Building Relationships of Integrity

Integrity: the quality of being honesty and having strong moral principles. These are the kind of relationships you want to build while you’re running your business. These are the kind […]

Stay Small, or Get Big?

Traditionally, a small business has under 25 employees and does something like a few million bucks in business in a year. This relatively small revenue has a number of benefits: […]

A Single Person Can Make a Difference

So you think that you, a singular business owner, cannot make a difference in thousands of lives? We beg to differ. We’re going to tell you a story that you […]