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How to be a Better Boss

One of my favorite commercials that I have seen on TV in recent years is a commercial about working from home and learning how to be your own boss.  It […]

How to Jumpstart Your Small Business for Big Things This Year

So, you’ve set the goal to grow this year, but do you have a plan to accomplish that goal?  Do you know where and how to start so that you […]

Why Thinking Long-Term is Powerful

We talk about big companies because we have a lot to learn from them. Today we’re going to talk about Amazon. Amazon is a very unusual company in many ways. […]

Characteristics of Innovation

Innovation is the heart and soul of success. You don’t necessarily have to invent something new, but simply taking a new stance on something that’s already been done can win […]

Beam Me Up, Scotty: Lessons from Star Trek

Every once in a while, it’s worth looking at ideas that have persisted for decades – there’s got to be a reason they’re still around, right? In our case, these […]

Learning about the Fiscal Cliff and Its Impact on You

If you’re anything like me, you’ve avoided listening to all of the rumors going around about the “fiscal cliff” and its impacts on the economy. However, you’ve probably learned in […]

A Little Change Goes a Long Way

Are you wondering why your strategy isn’t working? Have you thought it might be because you are trying new strategies without actually committing to change? The only real chance to […]

Marketing with a Cause

Did you know that worldwide, nearly two thirds of consumers say that they prefer buying products from companies that “give back to society”? Nearly half of these customers said that […]

Four Things to Tell Yourself to Make You Feel More Resilient

Bad things happen. But you already knew that, right? Even the best of us, or the most stable of us, suffer from mishaps. Some of us handle this in stride, […]

Don’t Insult Your Loyal Customers on Accident

So there’s a story out right now about a company that was very loyal to their hosted email service team. They had been with the email service team from the […]