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The Mistakes that Could Kill your New Website

Not too long ago, my spouse was designing a website for a friend. It was a nice looking website even though my significant other is an amateur coder, but the […]

Wondering Where your Google Traffic is? Find a Way to Bring More

SEO with Google and other search engines is an incredibly delicate thing. Too much, and Google will knock you off their index. Too little, and you’ll never see the front […]

Is On-page SEO or Link-building a More Powerful Tool for Marketing?

When you have a tight budget for SEO management, sometimes you have to make valuable sacrifices – one of those sacrifices being the choice between on-page SEO and link-building, since […]

How to Create an Effective Blog Voice

There’s more to a blog than just writing one. While that’s a pretty awesome start, you’re kind of missing a bigger, more important point: why your audience will read your […]

Making Your Marketing E-mails Effective

When you send an e-mail out to a perspective customer, you’re sending out a correspondence that has the ability to form a relationship between your company and a client. These […]

Why Duplicate Product Descriptions on your Website are a Bad Idea

When you’re considering your online presence, remember at all times it’s very different from your offline presence. You can hand out the same sheet of paper, same business card, same […]

Create the Perfect Page Title without a Whole Lot of Effort

Page titles may not initially seem that important, especially since they only appear at the top of someone’s browser, and most of the time a person has so many tabs […]