Bringing a new client aboard is always an empowering experience. The relationship you immediately build with them should continue to build over time, however, and it shouldn’t just fade away once they’ve subscribed to your services. This is how you turn a one-time purchaser into a repeat purchaser while also encouraging them to be someone who shares your company with other people. When you work it right, people who may have been hesitant to try your services in the first place can suddenly be the best source of referral traffic you have.

So how do you make your customers love your company?

Your Customer Service Should Be Exceptional

Since you’re a small business, act like one. You have the unique opportunity to form much tighter bonds with your clients than a large business could. Offer them your personal cell phone number to call if they have a problem. Write unscripted e-mails when someone has a question or concern. Having excellent customer service in a world of automated robots directing phone calls will put you a huge step ahead of the game. In addition, make sure all of your staff is friendly and warm towards all of your clients when they walk in the door of your office. That kind of treatment will guarantee your customer has a good experience that they can then share with their colleagues.

Don’t Hide Your Mistakes

People, and companies, make mistakes. It’s okay. Take responsibility for those mistakes and don’t just give your customers a standard apology. Tell them that you are honestly sorry and fix the mistake that you made as soon as possible. Show them that you genuinely want to improve, and your customers will appreciate your company for it. Clients like to feel like you care about their concerns and complaints.

Reward Long-Term Customers

Rewards don’t have to be expensive to your company. If you’ve had a customer for over six months, provide them with a special offer that they can share with their friends. Even inviting them to an exclusive event where you announce new features and improvements on your services goes a long way. A small thank you gift, such as a giftcard to a popular venue, can also make a customer feel like they would like to stick around and keep doing business with your company.