You may think I’m being completely ridiculous when I compare marketing to a marriage since it’s so often compared to dating instead, but honestly I think it’s a little deeper than that. It’s not something you often think about, but really you should – it may make your marketing campaigns better.

The Three ‘Have to Haves’ of a Marriage? Dedication, Work, and Effort

If you take your marriage for granted and repeat behavior you know isn’t appreciated, your spouse usually immediately either lets you know through telling you or through their actions. If they don’t feel appreciated, often a strong bond can’t form and things start to go sour. Making your shnookums feel loved and wanted in your life is one of the healthiest ways to make a marriage feel like a partnership and less like a roommate situation.

The same goes for your e-mail marketing campaigns. If you get your sweetie pie roses month after month, they may wonder where the creativity is and you may not get the results you want – so put some more thought into the “roses” you send in your e-mails. Test new ideas, take chances, and yes, occasionally make mistakes – but learn from them.

Taking is Good…But Giving is Better

 You won’t always be giving and taking equally in a marriage all of the time because of the ups and downs of everyone’s individual lives, but the idea is to equal out somewhere over time. When you apply this to an e-mail marketing idea, think about your core audience and their needs.  Have you stopped and checked to see if you need to adjust your campaign because the audience’s needs have changed? If you really have no idea, then this is the best time ever to step back and check. What are your people clicking on in your e-mails? And if push comes to shove, communicate: ask your audience what they want. And then give it to them.

You Marry the Family, Too

Often people dread the infamous “something-in-law” situation where you’re forced to get along with people you may not like if you were just living your life. But that doesn’t mean you get to shun them and forget all about them unless you want to risk the unhappiness it may bring to your spouse…and the potential arguments. Just like when you marry a person, when you’re communicating to someone via your e-mail campaign, they have the choice to share it with the rest of the tribe as well. This means your e-mails should be absolutely spotless because either way, a potential customer might share, and you want to make sure that share is because they like your service. There is nothing worse than being caught saying something rude about your in-laws by your in-laws just like there’s little worse than being caught with a broken link or a nasty typo in your campaign e-mail.

Stuff Won’t Always Be Perfect

Times get tough, people change, and no matter how much you try to change your campaign, sometimes you just can’t grasp the same relationship with some people that you used to have. Considering over 50% of marriages end in divorce, don’t stress if some of your subscribers kind of drop off the map at some point during your e-mail campaign. This just means you have to constantly grow your list of subscribers to keep up with the number that drop you (this however is VERY poor advice for a marriage – collecting more wives is not the way to keep the one you have). Be inventive. You’ll find the thing that works for you and your company with persistence and innovation.